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Schevran is adhering to the Plastic Waste Management (Amendment) Rules 2022. Under the guidelines of the Extended Producer Responsibility Regulation set out by the Ministry of Environment, Forest & Climate Change, which mandates that 70% of the total rigid packaging above 4.9 litres/kg needs to be reused in the same form by 2025.

Journey of the can.

03 August 2023

18 August 2023

21 August 2023

21 August 2023

29 August 2023

Picked up 130 soiled cans from Tata Consultancy Services (Ernakulam).

Received 130 cans at the Mumbai cleaning facility and made them ready to be washed and sanitised.

130 cans were washed, sanitised, and made fit to reuse.

All tests were conducted with satisfactory results. Refer to the Cleaning Validation report for a detailed version.

10 cans were sent to Mysore for further inspection.

Our Impact

Cleaning Reports

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